Custom Wedding Gowns




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This is your chance to be creative!

Bring a pictures of a dress you like or a rough sketch you have made. Look for cuttings from bridal magazines or anything else you are drawn to.

We want your custom made gown to say, "Here I am, this is the custom wedding dress that expresses who I am and what I am about!"

At the first consultation we look at your ideas and your vision. We then get a sense of the design and silhouette of your custom wedding gown and we design it with you. It's amazing how quickly this all becomes clear.

We can help you boil down what may seem like a zillion ideas into that one custom wedding dress that you will love. Then we pull out fabrics and trims that we think you will like. This is very exciting!

Once the process starts it is amazing how quickly we can help you find what it is that you want. We want to get you into the custom wedding gown that fits, makes you feel beautiful and special. 

As Coco Chanel believed, beauty and fit do not exclude each other in fact they go together.

We have made custom wedding gowns for brides from Boston to Western, MA Worcester and CT. Our service is unique. Come relax in MA, an afternoon and have your fitting in a calm, peaceful setting.

Make an appointment for a 1/2 hour free consultation. Let your imagination run wild, or start ours with your seed of an idea!

We treat all our customers with utmost sensitivity. We make custom wedding dresses for any figure; everyone has attributes' they want to accentuate and features they want to downplay. 

You met this awesome person you want to spend your life with. Lets have fun celebrating your upcoming marriage!    

Same sex partners welcome, custom wedding clothing made for your needs.